About me

Freelance photography in North Lincolnshire
I am a freelance photographer based in North Lincolnshire. Most of my time is spent photographing a wide variety of landscapes, but coastal work is my greatest inspiration. However I have a fascination for most forms of photography from industrial "record" shots to fine art and abstract images and you will see examples in my galleries.

My love of the countryside has always drawn me to the wild and beautiful areas and the North Norfolk coast and Yorkshire Dales are very close to my heart and hold such wonderful memories that I visit as often as time allows, particularly out of the holiday season. It is at those times I feel the light and conditions are often at their best for my craft

I believe the photographer must adapt and evolve his techniques to not only reflect and empathize with his subject, but also with the intended audience. To that end I will use all my available resources to produce images which are intended to help the viewer feel part of the scene.

I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries. If you see anything you particularly like then I would welcome any comments you wish to make.